Lauren cuts off things with Michael now that she is officially a fiancé. Naturally he reaches out to his ex of seven years certain that she will never go anywhere. She takes him back with open arms, and doors. Michael effortlessly wins again.

Natalie decides to seek immediate payback against Michael by pursing his boss, Matthew, the kitchen manager. As for Lauren, she settles upon revenge being best served as a cold dish. Natalie is just evil enough to wait until she is closer to that dream wedding of hers.

Despite rumors of Matthew being married, Natalie goes along with his reception of her flirting and starts going out with him after work every night for drinks. After a few casual “dates”, Matthew confides in Natalie that he is legally separated and living with his mother. She senses he isn’t telling the whole truth but accepts his story to justify her own arising guilt.

After a few months of spending time together, Natalie decides she has nothing to lose by sleeping with Matthew after a basketball game they plan to attend the upcoming weekend. The day before the game she gets a weird and distant vibe from Matthew. After such a busy day at work for the kitchen, she feels that there is no reason to take it personal. At the end of her shift, Matthew asks her to stay so they can chat about scheduling next week. This unnerves her because he doesn’t do the server schedule, but she agrees anyway.

When the restaurant is empty he sits her down and tries to make small talk. After a few too many awkward moments, he blurts out that his wife is pregnant and they have decided to work things out. They are also planning a ceremony to renew their vows, to which his not so naive wife has requested the presence of the entire Earth & Sea staff. He apologizes and claims it was completely unexpected and he just wants to do right by his family.

Just as Natalie is about to explain how she genuinely understands and wish him the best, he slips his hand under her apron and asks if they are they still on for the game tomorrow. She violently grabs his hand which is now conveniently dressed with a wedding band and bends his fingers back until he is actually about to cry. She rips up the basketball tickets on his desk and storms out of the restaurant, snatching a bottle of bourbon from behind the bar on her way out. That is the last time her and Matthew acknowledge each other’s existence.

When Natalie gets into her vehicle, she pulls out her cell phone and dials Michael’s number.



Lauren has been working at Earth & Sea for over a year. While there are many servers her senior, she is a management favorite for being somewhat mature and responsible. She is always on time and is the closer for most of her shifts. It doesn’t hurt that she has blonde hair, big blue puppy eyes, and braces that hide her age.

Like Justina, Lauren is also a student at a local community college and is always doing homework when business is slow or reading a book to ensure that everyone knows she is educated. At any given opportunity she brings up her three year old son and how great her amazing boyfriend is with him. Overall she is professional and carries herself like a manager.

Junior servers however are not a fan of Lauren due to the fact that she goes on a power trip when it’s time to close. She gets off on making servers stay an extra thirty minutes or more to sweep up a few crumbs, refill sugar caddies, or just taking her precious time to check their sections out. One of her favorite servers to give a hard time to is a fairly new server, Natalie. She has just recently graduated from a university and moved back home to save up some cash so that she can get out of town for good.

Natalie is also dating one of the cooks that Lauren has previously messed around with, and still does on occasion despite her perfect relationship. One night when they were all three closing, Lauren was giving Natalie a hard time as usual. Lauren asked her to roll extra silverware in addition to her normal side work that she had already completed, forcing her to stay another twenty minutes.

After finally finishing up silverware Natalie walks around the empty closed restaurant trying to find Lauren so she can get the ok to leave. When she finally finds her, Lauren is standing in front of the beverage station with Natalie’s boyfriend, Michael behind her. He has his arms wrapped around her waist and one hand down the front of her leggings she has not washed for the last five shifts.

Natalie drops her silverware and runs to the bathroom crying. After several similar incidents with him, she goes home that night and packs all of Michael’s belongings and leaves them on the front porch for him to find when he finally comes home at 4AM the next morning.

As Michael is putting his boxes in the trunk of his car, Lauren is being awaken by her boyfriend and son with breakfast in bed made from scratch. When she finishes her breakfast she takes a long hot shower to wash Michael off of her. After blow drying her hair, she walks out into her bedroom to find her boyfriend on one knee with a blue Tiffany & Co. box in his hand. Her son is holding a beautiful vase filled with two dozen white roses.

Lauren is genuinely overwhelmed with happiness and cannot control her tears enough to even exhale a yes to the thoughtful proposal. The new soon to be official party of three celebrate the rest of the afternoon. That evening she is taken to a surprise engagement party where all of her family, friends, and coworkers are waiting to congratulate her… including Natalie.


Justina is a senior server at downtown’s busiest upscale restaurant, Earth & Sea. She started working at Earth & Sea shortly after it’s highly anticipated opening inside of the city’s most exclusive hotel, The Vigor. She has proved her loyalty to the company and has the respect of the owner and his wife, as well as the tolerance from management because of her seniority despite her know-it-all attitude.

While Justina is a phenomenal waitress, she is also wanting to move up in the business. She is a nursing student at a local community college with increasing debt and she will stop at no cost to insure her promotion. Although Justina is in a monogomous relationship with a nice young woman, she is super flirtatious by nature and a very promiscuious and sexual girl.

A few weeks after having a threesome with one of the managers, herself and fellow lesbian friend/co-worker Carolyn each receive their Black Shirts and officially become assistant floor managers. Justina’s first management shift was an intense Saturday morning. She was nothing short of amazing. This Saturday happened to be graduation for the majority of schools in the surrounding cities- keeping the restaurant on a standing room only wait from open to close. She lead the entire Front of House staff, turning table tops into whatever size was needed for large party after party. She was a rockstar leader and everyone made money. It was one of those trapping shifts that made you wonder why you would ever do anything else besides wait tables?

That night when closing, everyone had left the building except for a few cooks and the porters. Justina headed to the office to start on paper work and get ready for the next busy day. After about forty-five minutes she decides to check in on the guys who are still clocked in working and take a break from the numbers and mindless cash counting. The boys tease her in good fun about the rumor of how she got her promotion. The flirting leads to her making out with one of the cooks while one of the porters is giving her a shoulder massage. . .

About ten minutes into this make out session, upper management returns to make sure her first night of closing went smoothly. She hears his keys right as he turns the corner and she violently shoves the cook off and yells at both workers for harassing her. She immediately looks at her boss and starts hysterically crying and explaining that she was double checking inventory when they both snuck up behind her.

The porter and cook are both immediately fired without question or an opportunity to explain their side. They each lose their jobs and means to support their families. Both with criminal records will face a long struggle before they are able to find work again. Their innocent babies and their mothers will suffer even more than they were off of $9.00 an hour.

Justina gets consoled and given the weekend off to regroup from her tragic experience. The following week she is promoted to full-time floor manager. She is given a small raise to compensate her “emotional suffering”, more hours, and the responsibility of taking over the FOH schedule.