Justina is a senior server at downtown’s busiest upscale restaurant, Earth & Sea. She started working at Earth & Sea shortly after it’s highly anticipated opening inside of the city’s most exclusive hotel, The Vigor. She has proved her loyalty to the company and has the respect of the owner and his wife, as well as the tolerance from management because of her seniority despite her know-it-all attitude.

While Justina is a phenomenal waitress, she is also wanting to move up in the business. She is a nursing student at a local community college with increasing debt and she will stop at no cost to insure her promotion. Although Justina is in a monogomous relationship with a nice young woman, she is super flirtatious by nature and a very promiscuious and sexual girl.

A few weeks after having a threesome with one of the managers, herself and fellow lesbian friend/co-worker Carolyn each receive their Black Shirts and officially become assistant floor managers. Justina’s first management shift was an intense Saturday morning. She was nothing short of amazing. This Saturday happened to be graduation for the majority of schools in the surrounding cities- keeping the restaurant on a standing room only wait from open to close. She lead the entire Front of House staff, turning table tops into whatever size was needed for large party after party. She was a rockstar leader and everyone made money. It was one of those trapping shifts that made you wonder why you would ever do anything else besides wait tables?

That night when closing, everyone had left the building except for a few cooks and the porters. Justina headed to the office to start on paper work and get ready for the next busy day. After about forty-five minutes she decides to check in on the guys who are still clocked in working and take a break from the numbers and mindless cash counting. The boys tease her in good fun about the rumor of how she got her promotion. The flirting leads to her making out with one of the cooks while one of the porters is giving her a shoulder massage. . .

About ten minutes into this make out session, upper management returns to make sure her first night of closing went smoothly. She hears his keys right as he turns the corner and she violently shoves the cook off and yells at both workers for harassing her. She immediately looks at her boss and starts hysterically crying and explaining that she was double checking inventory when they both snuck up behind her.

The porter and cook are both immediately fired without question or an opportunity to explain their side. They each lose their jobs and means to support their families. Both with criminal records will face a long struggle before they are able to find work again. Their innocent babies and their mothers will suffer even more than they were off of $9.00 an hour.

Justina gets consoled and given the weekend off to regroup from her tragic experience. The following week she is promoted to full-time floor manager. She is given a small raise to compensate her “emotional suffering”, more hours, and the responsibility of taking over the FOH schedule.


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