“In the weeds” is a universal restaurant term for being unable to catch up at work. For example: You have 10 tables. 4 are happy. 1 doesn’t like their food. 1 you forgot to ring in their order. 1 you have not even greeted. 1 is waiting on you to split their check 5 ways which requires a manager who is outside smoking. 1 is waiting on their drinks but the bartender is wasted. 1 is waiting for you to drop the check and you remember you never brought their side of ranch.


A Decade In The Weeds is a series of short stories about working in the restaurant business. These fictional tales were inspired by the author’s life experience while committing over ten years of her early adulthood to the hospitality industry.


Natalie works her way from waiting tables in a small town to bartending in the big city in less than a year. She quickly discovers that things behind the scenes are always the same.. the people, the partying, and the fraternizing. As she begins to grow exhausted of the fast cash and repetitive drama, she is forced to face the reality of why being in the weeds feels like home.





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Lauren cuts off things with Michael now that she is officially a fiancé. Naturally he reaches out to his ex of seven years certain that she will never go anywhere. She takes him back with open arms, and doors. Michael effortlessly wins again. Natalie decides to seek immediate payback against Michael by pursing his boss, Matthew, … Continue reading THE GAME

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